When it comes to business marketing, it is better if the channel images are steady with the brand images. The canal model gives a full overview of the making and channeling of the goods right from the producers to the buyers, while the brand image is the impression that is in the customers’ eyes regarding a particular product. The consistency in the two promotes uniformity and name recognition. Their consistency also avoids confusion to the customers regarding the different products.

Why Channel Imagery should be reliable with trademark Images

            In business marketing, a channel is a conduit through which merchandise flow from the manufacturers to the customers. The channel image is the full picture of how actually the goods are made and sold right from the producers to the consumers. The brand image is the total impression that is perceived in the minds of consumers of a brand’s actual and invented traits and shortcomings. The brand image’s development is usually over time through advertisement campaigns with the strong idea, and its authentication is through the customers’ direct familiarity.

            The brand image should possess the visual uniformity that encourages a total recall athwart the innumerable of channels for the consumers to have full name recognition. The brand images when consistent with the canal images together they deliver evenness, trustworthiness, and confidence to the customers. Without the visual consistency in the brand images and the channel images, then there is likely to be confusion on the consumers when it comes to purchasing a commodity (Dula, 2011). The brand’s surrounding should be with the important brand gatekeepers that care and nurture for it. The level of awareness and dedication for the brand images should always begin from the top with the CEO who should fight for its consistency with the channel images (Dula, 2011).

            Apple is a good example of one of the world’s most consistent brand, and the impression it creates is one that is consistently shared by millions of people across the world. It represents the optimum paradigm of the creation and maintenance of the brand image that is consistent with the channel model. In other words, when the brand images are in consistence with the canal imagery, they add value and worth to the goods in the eyes of customers. The consistency in the two also attracts many consumers in using the product thus increasing the sales. So the brand images should always be in consistence with the channel models.

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