“Just in time” exercise design principle allows the training of staff in a company for the reason of responding to emergency cases when they occur. The principle aims at preparing workers psychologically for emergency. For instance, you can decide to urgently ambush your employees with a certain emergency so as to note their level of response. From their reaction, you can easily know how they would respond to any emergency in case it occurs at work. “Just in time” principle enables you to know the kind of training your employees need when it comes to emergency response. It also enables you to equip your employees with the skills needed to handle the changes that are brought by the emergency act (Kamien, 2012).

When we consider the case of Green’s, the company employs the “Just in time” exercise design principle to train the workers on handling emergency cases. Emergencies that occur in an organization can either bring positive or negative impacts. Therefore, the principle assists in equipping the employees with the capability of maximizing the positive effects that come along with the emergency. The skills to handle the negative impacts that might come with an emergency are also equipped by the principle. Therefore, the “Just in time” exercise design principle can efficiently work at your working place when you need a maximum positive response to emergencies by your employees (Kamien, 2012).

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