I have always used writing as a tool of communication with friends, relatives, officials, and for planning purposes. In fact, I always use three writing landscapes to keep myself and personal activities up to date with daily activities. My writing culture has been consistent and regular in terms of style, format, objectives, and techniques. I use various landscapes of writing for different reasons and each of them always works effectively. My main writing landscapes are list, letters, and emails. My writing allows me to stay connected to other people on professional basis and informal interactions.

List is one of my preferred writing landscapes. During the time of admission into college, I wrote a list of items required, so it was easy to know if anything was left out. Up to date, every time I run out of some items, I write another list, so I can refer to the previous one to check quantity bought against their prices. While in school, I write a list of subjects, topics, and other events every day. I rely on writing list to ensure that my daily activities are in order and successfully executed. At home, I write list of activities I should help with and allocate leisure time. For my career development, writing list has boosted my budgeting skills and accounted for resources given to me. As a husband and a dad, buying of foodstuff, clothing, furniture, and all other household items, I write a list. My obsession with writing list has been instrumental in shaping my integrity, accountability, and reliability. I also write list for other people to help them buy exactly what they need.

Email is another useful writing landscape I apply in communication regularly. I use email to learn more on formatting, editing, and proofreading all online messages. I use email to save contacts of my friends, relatives, and other important persons. I like using this mean of communication as it helps me to review some of my writing for future use. I use email to store my messages for future references. I apply this form of writing landscape to give detailed information on any subject, hence maximizing the objective of the message to the recipient. Besides, I use email to send multiple messages at a cheaper cost. Writing emails has helped me to perfect writing with clarity and precision.

Creating letters is my hobby and professional tool in my daily communication. I have relatives in other states, especially Tennessee, that I regularly send messages through letters. In fact, letter writing has been my interest as it helps me to express myself clearly without mind limits or formal rules that are usual for emails. Besides, I have outstanding skills and constant desire to write letters to friends. I also consider writing them for official messages as they represent personal touch and interest in my recipient. I have noted significant growth in my creativity and critical thinking while writing letters. As such, it has been a steady development in my knowledge and experience. Writing letters is psychologically demanding and physically engaging, hence effective in regularly keeping me sharp. I also write letters to make the eligibility of my handwriting better each day.

The aforementioned personal writing landscapes have boosted my knowledge and experience in intra-personal and interpersonal relations. At informal level, I have been able to use written letters and emails to keep friends, communicate with relatives and bring up a good family. From professional perspective, writing skills gained over time on the discussed preferences has made me a competent and effective personality. I write lists, emails, and letters on daily basis to share information with other people, make buying of items easy, and these writing landscapes are my saviors as they keep my brain in shape every day.

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