The United States faces several threats. These threats affect it citizen security and well-being. Some of these threats include cyber threats, terrorism through Islamic states (ISIS) and refugee crisis.  Today there are many varying views as to the most critical security threat in the United States. Recently, the incoming chairman of joint chief of staff of United States Gen. Joseph Dunford mentioned to the Senate that Russia remains the most significant threat to US national security (Pavel, 2015).  F.B.I Director James Comey also declared almost the same time that the biggest threat to United States national security is the Terrorism led Islamic states (ISIS). The same view came from the previous US President Barack Obama (Pavel, 2015). Therefore, it is necessary to identify the critical threat to US national security clearly. The identification would help creation and implementation of policies to eliminate the threat. As it currently stands, I will agree with the F.B.I direct and outgoing president that terrorism led by the Islamic States is the greatest national security issue in America.

Islamic States are also known as ISIS is a terrorist group that traces its origin from the Middle East nations. Most of the countries in the Middle East are Islamic states. ISIS group has subjected many national of the world to terrorism act. For example, in late 2015, ISIS attacked France leading to deaths of hundreds of peoples. Similar attacks have been witnessed in Germany, Belgium, Turkey and other parts of the world (Jacobson, 2015). However, today the most significant center of attack by the ISIS is the United States. Even though the terror group has not brought any attack similar to 9/11 attack by Al-Qaida, it claims of responsibility for frequent domestic attacks on America soil clearly indicate the potential of this group to threaten America national security (Gottlieb, 2014). Besides, recently ISIS has clearly shown its desire to establish a caliphate – a state ruled by the supreme religious leader. The creation of such state would mean that ISIS can control a larger territory on the ground, acquire more resources and likely to increase its attack to a significant level.

Furthermore, Islamic State is more equipped that previous terror groups such as Al-Qaida. It can bring a greater attack on American shore than any other previous terror groups. The terrorist groups have a more refined social media tactics that allow it to recruit it members from the vast geographical location. The member of this lethal group come from mostly from many different foreign lands. They are not located merely in Iraq and Assyria. Thus the impact of ISIS is not merely local or regional but international (Jacobson, 2015). Since members of ISIS are likely to return to their homeland at one time or another their chances of carrying terrorist attack during such visits is also high. The case occurred in Paris attack in which a France national associated with ISIS undertaken an attack leading to the death of many. American citizens are not exceptional in ISIS recruitment. Thus America is still under threat of this terror group taking into account the position of United Sates in the world.

Recently, the terror groups have claimed responsibility for attacks on American soils. Most recent of those attack are in Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey and New York, California and Dallas (Pavel, 2015). These attacks even though small in size are clear indication that America is under threat of Islamic States.  Besides, the number of American recruited by this terror group has been rising in the recent times. The number of American arrested due to linkage with ISIS has gone a notch higher. It is evident from these arrests and recruitments that the group is targeting American nationals. The group is moved and fuelled by Jihadist movement and can do anything to achieve its objective (Gottlieb, 2014). It believes that the United States has good intelligence and its entry into the land may be a great challenge. Thus the only certain way of attack the world most powerful nation is through its Citizens. American nationals orchestrated most attacks in the US such as those in Minnesota and Orlando.

ISIS increased operation and activities over time is no surprise. Many factors have played a vital role, and some continue to play a major role in its operations. Firstly, the jihadist spirit has been the major factor in their persistent attacks (Gottlieb, 2014). Some also attack to revenge previous America operation in the Middle East such as the assault on Iraq. The terror group would attack any Americana and any nation associated with it.  The continued activities of hostile nations such as Russia and Iran. The hostility of Russia toward Iran in the quest to increase dominance, influence, and power increased the strength of ISIS who aim to seek revenge on any nation associated with the Russia United States included.

Moreover, SIS control has been due to the refugee crisis in Syria. Most of the Syrian refugee seek asylum in the United States (Gottlieb, 2014). While most of the internally displaced individuals are genuine refugees, some are terrorists who move along to America where they carry their attacks. The refugee’s crisis in the Middle East has been the primary cause of internal terrorist threat in America. However, with President Trump’s policy of extradition, most non-American from Syria and Iran would return to their land. However, this can only insignificantly reduce the influence of ISIS. 

In summary, while there are many threats to America national security such as cybercrime and refugees crisis, Islamic State remain the most significant threat that the US must handle. Even though the current US president has proposed a drastic policy to extradite foreigners, this strategy is not adequate to eliminate the terror group that has changed from local to international. The significant impact of ISIS on American security is majorly due to extensive geographical recruitment, intelligence use of social media and possibility of acquiring more resources and weapons. America must act to eliminate the threat before it threatens its sovereignty.

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