Jerry Rhodes – About Me

Hi there, I’m Jerry Rhodes – a traveler, writer, and blogger. I’m an active and open-minded person, who never gets tired to explore new things and enjoy every day of this beautiful life.

I have been working as a marketer for one famous company for seven years, and I truly loved my job. But one day, after a short trip to Mexico, I realized that I don’t want to spend all my life sitting in the stuffy office. So, I decided to quit my job and travel the world.

I have already visited 27 countries trying to find the best place on the Earth, and I’m still in search. Do you wonder why? This fantastic planet never ceases to amaze me! The beauty and authenticity of every city I visit make my heart beats faster.

Today, I can boast that I have already completed such tasks on my bucket list:

  • I rode an elephant on Phuket, Thailand
  • I danced the tango with a gorgeous woman in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • I released newborn turtles into the salty water of the Pacific Ocean in Monterico, Guatemala
  • I tasted fried scorpion in Beijing, China
  • I had dinner at the top of the Eifel Tower

I like to meet new people, try local food, learn foreign languages, and immerse myself in new cultures. All these simple things make me truly happy.

Apart from traveling, I work as a freelance writer for big and small companies. I do my best to help them to take their content marketing strategies to the next level.

Also, I do volunteering work at local schools. I teach schoolchildren English or help with the housework. I genuinely believe in a boomerang rule and that whatever we do will return to us at some point.

And I have one more big passion in my life – the books. I read at least two hours a day, and at least 70 books a year. You can call me old-fashioned, but I prefer to read print books. I adore examining the covers… And guess what? I like the real page turn sound.

Recently, I have decided to start my own blog and share my writings with the world. I am going to showcase my works on various topics, and I hope that I will find my readers!